Ryka Womens Agility Blue Walking Shoes Size 8.5 (6932901)


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Being active has never been easier with the Blazer Agility Walking Shoes from Ryka. They have a thick sole that will grip the ground for superior traction. The sturdy sole digs into the ground firmly gripping all terrain to keep you steady while you walk or run. Designed for high-stress use the fabric is strong and comfortable so even if you lose your footing and scrape against the ground you can be confident they will stay intact for a long time. Your feet will stay cozy in these comfortable walking shoes. The base of the shoe digs into the ground propelling you forward as you move while the sturdy construction protects your foot from impact with anything that may be in your path. The height of these shoes is also perfect for accommodating all shifts in the ground without injury to ensure that your walks will be a little safer for peace of mind. Take on the dips twists and turns of the trail and perform your best every day in these Ryka Shoes.